Here are some questions that I have been asked in the past, and answers that I would give now.


  1. Do you take commissions?

Yes, but VERY rarely to the general public anymore. *I am a very slow painter.*
If I do offer a slot, I make sure the customer knows I am slow.

I will offer any available commission openings to my mailing list first. If you have not subscribed to my Newsletter/Mailing List, please do so for any updates and or Commission Openings.


2. With commissions, do you send out In Progress photos?

No. I do not do this anymore because people tend to freak out when the piece is in an awkward stage or and ugly color. They then get stressed out, which in turn stresses me out!
I mean, if you see your $500.00 resin in the color of Extra Crunchy Cheetos….you might get a slight twitch 😀

Occasionally, I may surprise you with an IP shot, though 🙂


3. How do I find out if you are taking on any commissions?

You can sign up for my Newsletter (on my Contact page), I will send out opening notifications through the Speiser Studio Newsletter along with new sales pieces and other fun little tidbits.


4. What medium do you paint with?

I pretty much always use mixed media. Oils, Pigment, and Acrylics…..and anything else that will serve the purpose at the time.

I  DO NOT airbrush anything, not even a base color! I do not care for the way an airbrush finish looks and I also hate trying to mess with the dang things!
**I am not saying that there aren’t any good airbrush paint jobs, because there are some…so, if you happen to use an airbrush, don’t be getting your feathers all ruffled!  I just personally don’t like them! I love the amount of detail that can only be achieved by hand painting.


** If you have any questions, shoot me an email! evernightcreations@live.com